Lower Back Pain Prevention Workshop


Suffering from lower back-pain?

Join “2 Days Back-pain Prevention Workshop” and say goodbye to your back pain.

I, Dr. Rachana Dave make sure to relive you from the back pain and tech you how you can prevent it further. Using my proven Orthopedic Physical Therapy.

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Hey! If you are here that means you are looking for a solution for your lower back pain.

Although the reason of your back pain may differ, either it could be your

  • Long hour of sitting job
  • Dull, aching sensation in the lower back
  • Stabbing or shooting pain radiating down the leg from your buttocks
  • Inability to stand up straight
  • Diminished ability to move the back

You can fix your back pain by yourself and prevent it for further. Just following my integrated approach of back pain prevention and doing some personalized exercises customized for your needs.

I am Dr. Rachana Dave, I am an Orthopedic Physiotherapist and Reiki Healer who mentored and treated 1400+ patient from their back pain.

I have personally experienced and worked with my patient to help them set free from their back pain over the last 10 years.

Back pain is a serious issue, if not treated well and on time it can lead to serious consequences like chronic back pain, spinal injury, poor sleep, depression, loss of mobility and muscle fatigue.

Click on the link below, do yourself a favor of joining this program. I can tell you one thing for sure that you will absolutely enjoy flow and top of that you will learn tone of things and eventually say goodbye to your back pain.

I will see you inside.


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